Public IP's From Piplink 580 to Juniper SSG550M

Hello guys. I am new around here, nice to meet you.

So straight to the point, if you someone can help us with small problem we have. It seems we can’t figure it out.
Few week ago we bought juniper ssg550m , we connected it works perfectly with trust/untrust etc policies and so on.

this is the diagram we have, that’s how it’s build from our ex system/network administrator “who haven’t actually explain anything and had to figure it out”

So we are under “NAT” piplink “dhcp” is disabled…Cisco cares of that.

We have five public ip’s connected to 580 and lan port which goes to the server rack, Now we are trying to somehow transfer five few of the public ip’s open to “outside” world but alas no success at all. We have tried the ‘VIP’ ‘MIP’ etc. but nothing.

Is there any way how to transfer public ips from piplink balancer to juniper ssg550m and open them to the pubic, does it have to be done from the Piplink or from the Juniper…

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You can deploy the 580 in Drop-In mode and that will pass along the public IP’s. Thanks

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Will test it and report back , thank you.