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Where can I buy a public address to use for my pepvpn hub located in the USA. I want to use it for my remote site in Cameroon Africa. the peer. I have created a point to point pepvpn connection inControl 2 connecting but it is stuck on starting. I am advised that I need one public IP on one site to make it work.
My understanding is that I cannot use dynamic ddns. Where then can I buy one public IP to use for the site in USA that has a soho surf mk3 and a balance one and another MK3 Soho in Cameroon

You need one side to have a public IP address yes. It can be dynamic, it just needs to accept inbound traffic.

What type of connectivity does the Surf SOHO have on its WAN? Are you plugging it into the ISP router? I suspect that you would be able to port forward UDP4500 and TCP 32015 on your ISP router to your surf soho and then it will come right.

If you have the devices on InControl I can take a look for you if you like.

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There are tons of options. Pick one of the providers that supports the fusion hub solo. I think they all support public IPs. Digital ocean, AWS, and quite a few other options.