Public IP Rotation



I have a single WAN connection with multiple ip addresses. I want that my end user will use all the ip addresses. I need to know how to, should I say schedule in a specific time that my end user will use different public ip address. Let’s say after 10 sec. my public ip address will change. Is it possible in peplink balance? Thanks.


Hi, IN WAN connection settings you can add the additional WAN IPs on that connection in the section near the bottom. However outbound traffic will always use the primary (first) configured IP on that WAN connection.

What’s the use case/reason for wanting that IP to change on a timed basis?



Thanks,but when will the additional ip addresses be used? If the primary ip is down?
The reason is for our SEO link building.


Hi speeds,

This is not supported at the moment.

Can you elaborate more on SEO link building?



May I know when will the additional ip adresses be used? thanks.


The additional IPs can be used for inbound services for when you are hosting web and other servers on the LAN of your Peplink device.


I believe he could do this with NAT mapping. Our email server is set up that way, and all outbound traffic is seen as coming from one of our multiple public IPs on that WAN. He would have to rotate it manually but might accomplish the goal.