Public IP on LAN Side?

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Is it possible to set Public IP address on the LAN side for Balance 30 ? be aware that customer has two separate Public IP addresses and he wants to set IP address from one of the valid ranges on the LAN side so that server behind the Peplink (LAN side) can keep its public IP address from the same range. Is this configuration works ?


On the Balance 580:

Inbound Access –> Servers - Create a server and assign it the LAN side IP.
Inbound Access –> Services - Create a service and assign an inbound IP address (public) to the server you created (private).

@Hootan, it sounds like you need the drop-in mode feature and this is not available on the Balance 30. Only the 210 and higher support drop-in mode.

Dear Tim,

I know about the Drop-in mode but Drop-in mode requires same IP range both on LAN side and one of the WANs… but this scenario is different. client has two separate public valid IP ranges. he needs to set the valid IP address from the second IP range on the LAN side. for example he has on WAN1 and wants to set on LAN side. the question is if we set public IP address on the LAN side, can Peplink route this IP from the Internet side ?


Hi Hootan,

Just need check the devices located behind Peplink need to use public IP ( ?

If yes, then you can enable IP forwarding at the WAN to allow such routing. Do note that for the second WAN connection, you much deploy using NAT mode. The same public IP range should not route to different ISP connections.

Else if the device located behind Peplink doesn’t require running using Public IP, you can consider to define Additional Public IP for the WAN connection.

For more information, please refer to the screenshot below:

WAN IP address:
Additional Public IP:

You can enable NAT Mapping or Port Forwarding for the inbound traffics access.

Network –> WAN

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Thank you …
I got the point, so we need to use IP forwarding… but I didn’t find this option on the WAN settings! could you advise how to enable such function?


I found the option.