Public IP distribution using Peplink Balance

I am hoping someone can help with this as we move our core router gear to peplink. we bought a test device bpl-30 to get every concept right before migrating so we have that handy.
We are a WISP and our setup is pretty simple as shown below. The peplink will be our main router (the BPL-710 but currently testing with bpl-30). What we are trying to achieve is firstly, how do we issue out Public IPs to some of our clients?

Our setup:
Upstream provider - Peplink router - billing Gateway - Switches - Access point (bridge)---------P2P-----------client CPE (station/router mode)

Our billing gateway can do a 1:1 NAT but how do we configure peplink to pass on all out public IPs to the billing gateway? Secondly, we have a mixture of both hotspot and fixed clients, the hotspot clients will do well on private IP, the fixed clients are the ones that need public IPs. Going forward, all setup are in bridge mode, so no settings necessary here really.

Thanks in advance.

If the billing gateway requires DHCP and you want the Peplink to function as a DHCP server for the public IPs, this can be done with the following steps:

  1. The upstream provider would route this network of public IPs to you using a separate network. Example: Balance has a public IP address on WAN1 with a /30 subnet mask.

  2. The Balance LAN is in the public IP network and it uses one of these IP addresses for its LAN interface. The DHCP server in the Balance can distribute the remaining IP addresses to the billing gateway.

  3. Under Network> WAN> WAN1> click on the “?” next to Routing Mode to enable IP forwarding with WAN1.

Now when the public IP addresses from the billing gateway go out WAN1, they will not get a NAT but instead keep their original public IP. If they go out a different WAN they would get a NAT for that WAN.

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Thank you so much. This mean a whole lot really. So the idea is to forward the IP addresses to the billing gateway, yea got that perfectly.
Another not so important question might be, what if we have backup WAN say WAN 2, with couple of public IPs too, I assume we follow the same process? what if the internet at WAN1 fails, so all client using that public IP will be down right? Any particular thing to note when connecting to the billing gateway?

If the internet fails on WAN1, the public IPs on the LAN will NAT to the public IP(s) on WAN2. It is not the same because you cannot use IP forwarding on more than one WAN with public IPs. The billing gateway will not be down and you can control load balancing/failover with outbound policy rules in the Balance.

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