Ptp link with surf on the go

is it possible to create something like a point to point link between two surf on the go?
This would be the connection schema:
Internet –> LAN –> RJ45 –> surf_on_the_go_01 )) (( surf_on_the_go_02 –> RJ45 –> PC
I’m able to use internet if I connect in wi-fi to surf_on_the_go_01 set as wired, and I’m able to connect surf_on_the_go_02 (set as wifi) to surf_on_the_go_01, but I’m not able to use internet from the PC.
Do I need to use particular settings in IP configuration of the surf on the go?

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Is the PC wireless capable?

Yes, but I would like to connect it by wire.
Is it possible, or only a wifi connection can be done from surf_on_the_go_02 and the PC?


Yes it’s possible.


Set SOTG connected to ISP as wired, and set SOTG connected to PC as Wi-Fi.
Then on PC SOTG, configure the wifi settings (essentially you will just be connecting to the other SOTG’s SSID).

NOTE: Ensure that both devices are in bridged mode as well.

ok, thanks so much.
I tried that configuration but I think I wasn’t able to set the device in bridged mode.
Could you please tell me how to do it?

You can enable bridge mode by going to the Misc tab. “Switch to router mode” = it is in bridged mode.

Great! Thank you!
In the user manual I have there is nothing related to “Switch to router mode”.
I think if I don’t have in the SOTG menu I need to download the latest FW…

You should have this as a option, in the Misc tab. If you could provide a screenshot.

I’m waiting to receive the SOTGs and then I will provide the screenscot if I cannot find it in the MISC menu.
The final customer is asking me another question: the device will be connected to a CISCO switch and they’re asking if the SOTG can use IP ToS (Typer of Service) with IPP=3 (that is for voice control).
From the user manual I can see there is a “QoS Settings” menu in which I can use the priority as Voice. Does this configuration with priority voice correspond to IPP=3 or is it a completely different thing?

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Yes the QoS for voice in SOTG is referring to TOS with IPP=3.

Thank you for your support.
Another question: can I use a RADIUS server with the SOTG?

RADIUS is available on our AP’s but not the SOTG as far as wireless authentication.

Hi, I need a clarification about that: in the datasheet of the SOTG it is written that supports 802.1x but you told me that it is not possible to use RADIUS in the SOTG.
Do you mean that I cannot RADIUS if the supplicant is the SOTG itself but only if it is for example a laptop connected using the wifi to the SOTG?
Could you please explain this point?

Thank you


After double-checking, yes it does support 802.x with dynamic WEP Key:

From what I know the RADIUS server checks that the information is correct using authentication schemes such as PAP, CHAP or EAP.
So, could you please confirm me I can use the RADIUS server to authenticate the SOTG?


We only supported Wifi WAN RADIUS authentication. Situation as below:-

SOTG (Wifi WAN) ))))) AP -----> RADIUS server

If you referring to RADIUS authentication on SOTG login page, then we do not support this at the moment.


The supplier of the RADIUDS server told me:
“Dynamic WEP technology is based on the combination of 802.1x technology and the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP).
Our RADIUS supports the following EAP portocol variants : EAP-TLS (certificate based) and EAP-TTLS (login/password based).”
Does the SOTG use one of these?
Moreover, has Peplink a priduct that can work as a RADIUS server that can work woth the SOTG?

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Hi Michele,

We do support above EAP portocols.

We don’t have product as Radius server but we able to work with third party Radius server.