Provisioning routers with Incontrol

Hi all,
We’ve just deployed an in-house Incontrol and I need some help bootstrapping the zero touch provisioning.
I want to create a master config file and change only WAN settings per device.

Is there a guide or training for the zero touch config ?


I second this, could we get any information about this?

Is there option for a bulk adding devices into InControl2 with even specifying to which configuration group? This would could be done via .csv or something like that.


No. Want to write one with me? We could do a back and forth about what you need, I show you how to do it and what would pop out at the end is a guide…

Fundamentally the way I tend to do this is:

  1. Setup a device with my standard config - include all device level settings that I need. I like to add a wifi wan SSID profile here and I make sure the WANs are in the right priority levels.
  2. Create a provisioning group on IC2. Assign the config from my test device to it. Set the firmware level I want by default on that group.
  3. Add all my devices to that provisioning group so they get a standard config from the bulk configurator and updated to latest firmware. Use the Device IP settings feature to upload a CSV with all the device serial numbers in and the associated IP addressing / VLANs etc as needed so that gets set automatically.
    4.Create a wifi SSID with a dynamic name eg Provision - #### (“####” will be replaced with the last 4 characters of devices’ serial numbers.). This lets me access the device wirelessly if needed during provisioning to check SIM status etc.
  4. Move the device to a production group - this is where it will stay once deployed. Set the wifi, firewall, outbound policies etc at a group level as needed. I also set the device system management settings at this group level so they all get a complex random admin password.

I’m sure there is more, but each customer deployment and requirement is different so Its tough to know where to start.


You can do this using the IC2 API for sure but I don’t know of a way to do it via the user interface.

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