Providing a flexible ‘last mile connectivity’ setup


  • A passive telecom tower infrastructure company based in South East Asia.
  • Offering construction, management and leasing of telecommunications tower and power infrastructure to all local mobile operators.
  • Currently approx 2500 towers exist.


  • To provide an unbreakable link between 2500 telecom towers and the HQ.
  • Requires a single LTE connection, with Failover.
  • Provide a flexible ‘last mile connectivity’ setup, thus reducing time-consuming and expensive fixed cables.

Recommended Solution

  • The industry’s most powerful SD-WAN router, The Balance EPX to be used at the HQ.
  • A second Balance EPX will run as a backup at the HW, creating a high availability setup to reduce loss of service and downtime.
  • This extremely powerful multi-WAN router is capable of 30Gbps throughput, supporting up to 20000 users.
  • The expansion modules can be changed to cater for new technology or requirements, such as 5G.
  • MAX BR1 Mini would be deployed at the telecom towers.
  • This small yet sturdy device has a wide operating range to fit into most applications.
  • MAX BR1 Mini’s Power Terminal Block supports a secure power supply installation in harsh weather conditions.
  • This is a typical last mile connectivity setup as found in telecom infrastructures. The flexible, cost effective and resilient integration of such setups means that cellular connectivity can be used instead of expensive fixed lines.
  • Utilize Peplink’s InControl 2 management software to monitor and manage the setup. This is also included with EssentialCare (extended warranty).

Devices Deployed