Provide dedicated Public IP adress to peplink device through FusionHub

Hello everyone,

I have 3 remotes clients with dynamic public ip address, i want to use the IP Address passtrough function with fusion hub to assign them static plubic ip address.

IPSec VPN will be enable from remote Peplink device behind this ip address

Is this possible at this time ?

That is possible, This post has the information you are looking for.


Thanks @Erik_B

I have another questions related to this setup :
1- The IPs addresses used (FusionHub, remotes peplink) have to be on the same subnet ?

2- Can i use VRF with this setup for multiples clients ? (each client will have their own public IPs for remote peplink)

3- My Cloud provider is Scaleway to add a new IP address we need to assign to it the mac address of the destination server (Failover IP - Quickstart). do you think my desired configuration will work with ?

Thanks in advance

No they don’t.

Haven’t tried this, think it should work but why would you need to? Its public IPs.

I have only ever done this on vultr where the primary IP assigned to the WAN interface of the fusionhub is always in a different subnet to the subsequent IPs I add to passthrough over PepVPN.

I had assumed that vultr must be adding routes for the additional IPs with the WAN IP of the fusionhub as the next hop (so Layer3). If Scaleway specify the need for MAC address assignment (which smells like L2) then maybe this won’t work, but the original example has all the IPs in the same /29 so perhaps it should work - guess you’d need to give it a go and see and then let us know! :slight_smile:


Thanks @MartinLangmaid

I will give a try and give you a feedback

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