Proper Way to change Master/Slave on HA group

We are facing some issues with a 1+1 Backup High Availability pair and we were wondering if this is a hardware issue of the current master device. Because of the customers strict security policies we cannot enable remote assistance so peplink can check it. We were thinking changing the device that is the Master.
What is the proper way to change which device is Master and which is Slave (besides of course just shutting down master device)?


From what i understand the steps should be the following.
Could someone that have tried before verify the procedure?

  1. Login the Master Device, in settings->high availability uncheck Resume Master Role after Recovery
  2. reboot Master Device
  3. Login previously Slave device that has now assumed master role
  4. Disable sync configuration
  5. Set preferred HA role as master
  6. Login previously Master device that has now slave role
  7. Set preferred HA role as slave and enter SN of previous-slave-now-master device
  8. reboot slave

Can you share how both master and slave devices are connected? This is to confirm there is no interruption when you switch the HA role.

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I ve already restarted the master (after disabling “Resume master role” ) and current master is former slave.
I have also disabled sync.

Now the two devices are both connected via LAN port a switch and their WAN port is on a separate vlan together with the ISP’s internet feed.

Look like HA role changed successfully. Congrats!

Since both master and slave are connected to the same switch, your step of changing the HA role shouldn’t a problem.

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