Proper firmware for surf soho 72ac hdwe version 1

Hello, wondering if there is a firmware update for this router. Viewing the router itself it says no update available. Viewing firmware list it appears there is. Here’s a view of the panel, would appreciate advice.

Router Name SURF_SOHO_72AC
Model Pepwave Surf SOHO
Product Code SUS-SOHO
Hardware Revision 1
Serial Number 2830-E031-72AC
Firmware 6.0.3 build 1257
Modem Support Version 1012 (Modem Support List)
Uptime 2 days 16 hours 54 minutes
System Time Sun Jun 25 16:58:51 WET 2017
Diagnostic Report Download
Remote Assistance Turn on

The current firmware version for your router is 6.3.4: