Proper arrangement/orientation of antenna’s

i have a max br1 pro 5g. It has 2 WiFi antennas on one side and 4 cellular antenna on the other side.

what is the proper orientation of antenna to maximize reception? All up, at an angle, or ?
\ | | / Or |||| or \\

for WiFi, I’m reading vertical is best, but lte/5g is vague.

thanks in advance

Vertical on all of them.

Others will say to put the cellular antennas at 45° opposites to give 90 degree separation, but a) its impossible using the included antennas b) is theoretical and I see no real world improvement in testing.

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Thank you. I’ll run some tests of 45, 0, 0, -45 And 0,0,0,0. ||/ And ||||

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