Prohibit Pepwave BR1 to contact Incontrol using a specific WAN-interface


I have a Pepwave Max BR1 router and I want to prohibit it to use the WAN interface to contact and send information to the Incontrol2 servers.
I want the information to be able to use the 3G-LTE interface.

My situation is that it will serve as the Onboard router on a vessel that have 3G internet as primary interface and a expensive Satelite, Fleet Broadband interface, as backup and very restricted use for email as sea.

It’s OK by me that the vessel will show as Offline when at sea and come online when near shore.

Is there a way to do this or do I have to scrap the whole Incontrol mechanism until it matures?

With a little help from an engineer in Denmark I got it working.

With the latest firmware, 7.0.0 atm, you can set a outbound rule directing all traffic going to to the Cellular interface by setting the Algorithm to Enforced and the Enforced Connection to WAN:Cellular. then the Router cant access that domain on any other interface.

Problem solved. :slight_smile: