Profile Settings - Significance of the Star?


When on the Profile Setting page I can select or deselect a Star for each Profile.

While I have checked the manual I can not find an explanation of what the the Start option does…

Can anyone provide some insight?





By checking on the description given, guessing you are referring to the SpeedFusion star deployment method.

For detail information, you refer to the URLs below:

Thank You


Thanks for responding - appreciated…

I took a look at the Links you provided and am not sure this is the same thing.

Let me take a screen shot that may provide more detail on the provide “star”.



Please see attached image for a screenshot of the profile page with the Stars I am referring to.

Any thoughts?




I may totally misunderstood the initial request. Sorry about that.

The “Star” option for the profile setting are referring to the connection priority for the WIFI WAN SSID defined. High priority profile will take precedence for the WIFI WAN connection.

Base on the screenshot given in previous post, 2 WIFI profiles enabled with high priority. If more than 1 profile enabled with the “Star” option, highest signal for the chosen SSID will get connected first.

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Great - thanks for clarifying…