Product that will offer a latency solution for gaming with 4gLTE

I need some direction here on if the speedfusion products will address this issue. I am moving to Sweden and will only have access to multiple 4g carriers with excellent signals. We are involved in competitive computer gaming. The latency or ping of the 4g networks have been tested at our new location. We have no problem getting under 50ms back to Stockholm. The problem I have is occasionally I get the blip in the network which shoots the ping up for example 300ms. I would like to plumb in two 4g lines from separate carriers. Would the products with speedfusion react quickly to secure a consistent lower average latency so we do not see the high latency blips or stutters? Are you aware of gamers using the devices for this?


The suggested approach would be to use WAN smoothing.

You would host an appliance in the cloud, duplicate all gaming traffic over both of your 4G connections simultaneously and send this traffic via the Fusionhub which would then discard the traffic that arrives last forwarding only the lowest latency packets to your online gaming platform.

The same tech is used to cope with latency spikes on cellular for live radio and video streaming with great success.

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Thanks. So a quick follow up as I am a novice to this. I assume any peplink router with this is fairly straight forward to setup up. My plan would be to take two 4g routers into this peplink device then out to the house network. Also using a router and not a pre installed 4g router would leave room for growth to 5g that is coming in Europe in 2018 correct.


Enabling WAN smoothing is easy on any Peplink device yes, but its only one part of the puzzle. The trick will be to pick a Peplink product that fits commercially and technically (as not all balance routers have WAN smoothing without an additional license) and finding a good host (technically and commercially) for the Fusionhub appliance (you want something sensibly priced hosted geographically near you to reduce total latency).

If it was me I would either be looking at the Balance One with the additional Speedfusion license pack (which you can plug two 4G routers into its dual WAN ports) or I might consider a MAX BR1 and use its internal 4G router and another 3rd party device on its WAN port for WAN smoothing. That way when 5G does come out you can plug it into the WAN of the BR1. However the BR1 is only rated for 100Mbps of throughput so that would be a limiting factor with the bandwidth promises of 5G…

So not a quick and easy decision, depending on the factors involved and how much they affect you.

I would suggest speaking directly to a local Peplink Partner to get them to walk you through the options.

Thanks Martin,
I will contact a sales rep. I hit you up for one more question as I may have misunderstood the product. It sounds like I will need to connect to a server or host that has the Fusionhub appliance to get the benefit of WAN smoothing. Is it not possible I buy something like a BPL-380 or mediafast machine that has all the features included and not require connection to a server with Fusionhub. Hence I can just plug in two lines being 4g lte modems or other sources (ie dsl) and the hardware will apply this WAN Smoothing?

thanks again…

Any Multi-Wan Peplink device can have an outbound policy set to send new sessions over the WAN link that currently has the lowest latency. The issue is that on cellular links you will see variable latency - with latency spikes from time to time. So a new TCP/UDP session for your online gaming gets created - on the lowest latency link, but then is locked to that no matter what happens to the latency on the link its using. If you then stopped and restarted the session it would be created once again on whatever link is lowest latency, but that won’t help when you are mid game play.

Instead you need an appliance hosted in the public cloud that is on a resilient low latency rock solid fiber link. Then you duplicate all of your traffic for your gaming session over multiple cellular connections at the same time to it. If one of those cellular links goes high latency and delays traffic passing through it, its ok as your game play traffic has already arrived at the appliance since it was also sent over the other cellular link so your streams apparent latency is unaffected.

So yes, you need a hosted appliance to use WAN smoothing.

Thanks for taking time to explain.