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I have on board Iridium system, V sat and I would like to add 4G system to combine all internet access.

Priority network will be 4G if 4 G not accessible , system should switch V SAT, if VSAT not accessible it should switch Iridium System.

Crew should able to access network when system running via 4G Celluar network, When system working with V SAT crew access should be disable or very limited. When system works with iridium system should able to to ony master mail system nothing else should be reachable.

Which product will be suitable for this project ?

Thank you for your support.

Any of the multi WAN products can do this. IN marine environments we tend to see the MAX BR1 LTE and MAX Transit used most often. The TRANSIT supports 5Ghz Wifi which can be more versatile for locally connected devices and for use as WiFi as WAN to connect you to marine Wifi if available to save on cellular data usage.

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If you are an EU stationed company you could contact me at [email protected] so we can give you the best advice suiting your situation. Just as martin answered any of the multi WAN products can do the things you are looking for. But we also sell good antenna’s and can advice you in this as this will increase the range and stability with the 4g speed a lot while using Peplink.

as we are Peplinks biggest distri in the EU i think we can give you alot of options suiting your situation.

Also below are some articles that could be of interest to you.

Something like this minus the Wi-Fi WAN will work like a charm.

To limit internet when VSAT or Iridium is the only internet options, we can do this.

The advantage of antennas.

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