Product choise for coastal and off-shore yachting

Hi, I’m wondering what would be a good (starters) prodcut for the following :
A) wan 4G/5G access with either sim or esim
B) wan wifi access (typical marina/ports wifi when availlable)
C) lan wifi access ppoint for own devices to connect to each other and the internet through the above.
D) optional ethernet LAN (connection for radar and plotter)
E) optional external antenna’s for A and B

Max BR1 Pro 5G is the most suitable for that use (or Max Transit Pro for 2x 4G instead of 1x 5G)

or B One 5G but its an “office router” form factor and not ruggedised.

I have a MAX BR1 Pro 5G on my sailing yacht, also connected Starlink directly to my Peplink router and not using the Starlink router only the Dishy Gen 2 satellite antenna.

When you buy it make sure you buy the GLOBAL version which works in all regions.

I’d +1 for Bryn.loftus reply

BR1 Pro 5G would be the ideal choice

If you wish to reduce budget, the B One 5G is also an excellent choice but obviously lacks the wide-temp range support, but brings 2x WAN and more LAN ports.

Both also has the option for AP Management to extend Wi-Fi coverage onboard.

Also, consider what external antenna you wish to use - they’re not all made the same. And cable length and type too!

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