Problems with Bonjour


I am having problems with the Surf on the Go intermittently blocking Bonjour on the LAN side of the system. The systems are brand new. This happens either over time or after rebooting the OTG system. We see it on two different systems so it ls unlikely to be hardware. If we attach a switch to the Ethernet port and attach both the server and a conventional WAP, e.g., Ubiquiti, Ruckus, it works fine, so it is definitely being blocked in the Pepwave. This makes the system unusable by us and I am about to return 10 systems unless I overcome this problem.



Have you try to ping SOTG LAN IP during problem occur? High latency or packets drop found? I suspect the problem is caused by interference.


So the SOTG Wi-Fi is about 42 dB above the next nearest signal in that band. The ping times are between 2.5 and 11 ms. Also this has happened in two completely different environments with two different systems. Hard to blame congestion. BTW the firmware is 1.0.25 and the hardware is 1.3. Note that we have over 100 of our systems in the field and are confident that it is the SOTG that is the culprit in this case. BTW we use ports 9 and 8000 on our system for advertising services.


Also, same general behavior with “multicast enhancement” on or off.



May I know what application your are using? Bonjour is using UDP 1900, UDP 5350, UDP 5351 and UDP 5353 and work in Layer 2 environment based on my understanding.

Can I confirm you physical connection as below when you having problem with Bonjour?

Server —Wired—> SOTG <—Wifi— Bonjour clients


Your topology is correct. The server is running our custom software on Ubuntu 14.04, see I believe we use UDP 5353. Note

Server —Wired—> Switch—>SOTG
other WAP —Wifi— Bonjour clients

works fine.


the vertical line in the above diagram was supposed to go from the Switch to the other WAP.



May I know your SOTG is configured as Bridge or router mode?


Router mode


All issues appear to be on the LAN side. Obviously not trying to send bonjour thorough the router



Please open ticket for us to investigate. Please help to enable Remote Assistance as well.

Thank you.


So I put it a ticket 6 days ago, as requested, Ticket #750933, and then complete silence.



Sorry for late. I provided feedback on the ticket. Please follow up from there.

Thank you.


Hi Team, I have a customer experiencing the same issue. What was the outcome of this issue?

-Jon Grote


Hi Jon,

We have no luck to test with reported problem. We tested it was working fine in our lab. Can you share how your devices connected to Surf On the Go? If you can provide a network diagram will be great.


Thanks TK,

It would probably be easier just to start a ticket as well. I will start a priority ticket for this issue.

-Jon Grote


Hi Jon,

Can share the ticket number here ?

Thank You