Problems with bonding performance

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I’m having problems with link aggregation through speedfusion. I have 2 Peps (1 balance 305 in my office and 1 max 700 for external applications) and have speedfusion between both sites. In 305 we have 2 redundant links (both with 100 Mbps download) and the 700 is used with 3G/LTE modems.
I did some tests in laast days and the bahavior expected is not as I’d like to use. When I put 1 modem (Huawei E3276) and do a speedtest, the results are about 7M for download and 3M for up. I did this test with my 3 modems (all of then E3276 and with 3 different simcards operators) and the results was almost the same. Then, I did speedfusion between 700 and my balance 305 (all traffic to balance) and the tunnel was established, but the speedtest were lower than with 1 modem. It returned a result with 3M for down and 2M for up (3 modems on!). In speedfusion status I can see the 3 modems working and contributing to bandwitdh, but with speed lower than 1 modem.
This tests were done many times, but always with same behavior. I tried it with/without smoothing and encryption.
I also tried to connect to a friend that has a pep in his office, but with same results.
My question is: what could be doing this issues? any additional config to be done? any problem with my 700? with balance 305? I need to use this 700 soon, and need to solve this.
General informations:
Pep MAX 700: Hardware Revision 2
Firmware 7.0.3 build 3472
PepVPN Version 6.0.0
Modem Support Version 1022

Pep Balance 305: Hardware Revision 1
Firmware 6.3.1 build 3471
PepVPN Version 5.0.0


Where are you geographically? In the UK we have a lot of shared cell tower infrastructure.So when I run a speedtest on one usb modem (connected to a laptop) I might see 15Mbps down 4Mbps up, on another usb modem (different provider) the same. If I run speed tests using two laptops and the two USB modems simultaneously the total bandwidth across two modems is shared so 15Mbps down 4Mbps up total.

The MAX 700 works fine for aggregation when it has the bandwidth available on the modems - sadly where we tend to want to aggregate bandwidth tends to be on the edge of the operator networks and their infrastructure in these locations suffers where bandwidth availability can be appalling.

If you’re getting more throughput when doing a simultaneous speedtest on two different laptops then you need to log a ticket for investigation.

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Hi Martin.
About place, I’ve tested it in Geneve (Swiss).
Testing saparetelly each simcard (either in a LTE modem or smartphone) the bandwitdh is the expected, but I need exactly better throughput, as you sad. If I have 2 modems in my pep that has a tunnel to other router (wich have links about 100Mbps for download e and more than 10 M up) ir supposed to be a troughput better than 1 modem bandwidth, or not? I understand bonding like this. Is it correct?
How can I open a ticket? I want this help.

hi @ton_melo, you may want to read the below to help you understand how to evaluate the speedfusion.


Ok. I don’t think the problem is about backhaul, because I tried it with several combinations of operators (already tried SFR, Orange, T-Mobile, Swisscom, Salt, Vodafone). Last test I did with 1 4G connection (Vodafone Italia - 11Mbps for download in VPN test) and 3G modem (Orange Italia - 6Mbps). When I put both together in 700 the speed in VPN decrease to 5Mbps in download). It look like strange for me. Ah, putting this cards in smartphones and doing speedtest at the same time, speed in each device come to 40Mbps.