Problems downgrading firmware on new Soho Mk3

Received my new Soho Mk3 and manually applied a firmware upgrade to 8.2.0 early in the setup process. I now regret having done so due to all of the new beta changes in the 8.2.0. I would like to downgrade to the initial 8.0 firmware that the unit shipped with to complete the remainder of the install and then decide if I want to upgrade to 8.2.0. Unfortunately, when I go to Reboot, the two versions of firmware both show 8.2.0 and the original 8.0 is missing. Is there some other way to downgrade to the earlier version? Thank you for any assistance.

Load the older firmware if you want the older firmware to rule out a bug introduced in new firmware.

Well, first, 8.2.0 is GA – not beta. This version fixed a few things and added/improved a number of features. I believe it is stable and a very good release. It reflects a lot of good work by Peplink’s engineers.

If you really want to load older FW you can find it here. You’ll have to download and install manually – which is quite easy to do. If you feel you must do this I’d probably not go back beyond 8.1.3.

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Thank you all for taking the time to help!