Problem with speedfusion

Hi, I have established a tunnel speedfusion balance between 210 and 380 balance.
The tunnel is working properly, the performance tests are successful and the two networks are connected, but the hosts of the two networks not ping with one another. What am I missing? Missing some routing rule? Balance 380 is not under nat while the balance 210 is behind firewall.

Thanks in advance

I would ensure that the applicable access rules have been created on the FW on the B210 side. Also, can you ping the LAN interface of either Balance? We may need a network diagram with IP’s to help better troubleshoot (Feel free to send to support.cgi).
Otherwise ensure that Windows FW isn’t blocking the pings as well.

Thanks Jarid, B210 is configured as an exposed host, everything is permitted.
My laboratory is as follows:

B210 LAN:
B210 WAN:


B380 WAN ip public
B380 LAN:

Host A pings B380 LAN but can not reach Host B

There is no FW on that particular host? What type of device is the host and can you try to ping another device.

All hosts on the network not respond to pings, only the balancer responds.
The default gateway of the network 5.0 is not the balancer but a router MPLS that rotate networks and It should work normally!

you may need to create a route statement so that the hosts on the local network use the Balance router when destined for the remote network.

Source: /24 Destination: use gateway

Also, if you could start a network capture on the B380 while sending a constant ping from B210 side, are you seeing the requests come in at all?

To start a network capture:
http://”IP of your device”/cgi-bin/MANGA/support.cgi