Problem with my b20


Since I have upgraded my b20 to version 6.1 (I’m now with build 2517), I have from time to time a situation where all devices are still connected, all WAN connections are up and green and yet no device can access internet. From admin web interface, everything looks okay.

The only way out is to reboot the b20, by the way a reboot from the web interface is not enough, I have to unplug it physically…

Is this a known bug?

I have saved the diagnostic report before rebooting it, so if needed, I can provide it.



Please send the diagnostic report to [email protected] for further diagnosis

Okay, just did it.

No answer any more from [email protected] :frowning:

Any chance someone will get back to me?


Interesting. Please share your ticket number and I can follow-up with the team.

Ticket #742447