Problem with load balancing

I’m attempting to configure my Peplink Balance 20’s load balancing. When I click on Outbound Policy, nothing shows up (except for “Network > Outbound Policy”. Both WANs are showing as connected. What am i doing wrong?

Thanks again

Also, can I assign one computer on the LAN to always connect to a specific WAN, if that WAN is connected?

Hi There,

Just a few questions/clarifications to start trying to address your issues-

  1. When you go to Outbound Policy, what appears? Is it just showing a Blank Page?

  2. What firmware are you on for your Balance?

In regards to your second question, you can indeed tie a particular device to only use a particular WAN going out to the net. This is done under Outbound Policy where you can set rules by IP or MAC address. Once we get your apparent display issues figured out we can go from there.

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The Peplink Team