Problem with load balancing, continued

Hi Jason, I’m sorry, but for some reason the system won’t let me reply to that previous message. Despite the fact that I’m logged it, it keeps telling me that I need to login to post. Clicking “login” does nothing.Seems a little buggy.

Anyway, when I click Outbound Policy, nothing comes up at all. I still have the menus along the left and the top, but the field in the middle is completely blank. Very strange. I just downloaded and installed the latest firmware, 4.8.1 build 1027. Every other menu selection works except for outbound policy.

Thanks again for your attention

OK, so on a lark I decided to try using Chrome to configure things. Everything worked perfectly for some reason. I got everything balanced the way I want, and things are working fine. Thanks

Hi there,

I’m glad things worked well in Chrome. Let us know if you have further questions or concerns at all.

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The Peplink Team