Problem with ip tv!

i set up a peplink580 load balancing for my wisp and i have problem with iptv. i have on nat(customers) a ip tv and it not play. before i buy the peplink i have a balancer tplink (LOL) and play excellent . eny suggestion for my problem? i think the problem is with rtp protocol… thanks for help…


  1. How many WAN links you have?

  2. Your connections as below?
    IPTV --Wired–> Switch –> B580 –> Internet?

  3. Have you configure Vlan on B580 and switch (If my assumption on item 2 is correct)?

  4. IPTV able to grab IP?

  5. Where you trying to access from IPTV?

man… i have 4 wan. no i dont have vlan.yes is grab ip. i tell you the tplink balancer with the same configuration work very nice. the iptv work with vpn from germany. i put internet–> B580 —> iptv and dosent work…i think the peplink is cutting the rtp protocol.


I think the problem is related to your settings. Please add oubound rule (Network > Outbound Policy > Add Rule) below:-

  • Source: IP Address, <IPTV IP address>
  • Destination: Any
  • Protocol: Any
  • Algorithm: Priority
  • Priority Order: 1)WAN1 2)WAN2 3)WAN3 4)WAN4 <— These are example. You may put the priority order you want.
  • Terminate Sessions on Link Recovery: Enable

Hope this help.

ok resolve my problem ! the problem is on wan the MTU ! THANKS