Problem VPN


I upgraded my Peplink 580 to version 5.4.9 and am having problems with VPN. I use IPSec with my Linux firewall to maintain an active connection, but every time my link goes down, you must perform a reboot for the Peplink the connection re-stabilize. Could you give me some suggestion?

Please tell me more about your IPSec VPN. Are you passing this IPSec VPN through the Balance to your Linux firewall on the inside? Is the Balance establishing this IPSec VPN with your Linux firewall on the outside?


To my VPN I use only one of my links. Do not use balancing for VPN.
On my Linux firewall use IPSec through pptp.

Before upgrading, enough apena restart the IPSec service on the firewall for return to connect to VPN.

After upgrading to version 5.4.9, this is no longer possible, and the connection is stabilized only after reboot the Peplink


Have you turned on IPsec NAT-T passthrough with Route via a specific WAN link the screenshot?

If you have already had this configuration, please obtain a diagnostic report and submit the report here


Yes, i turned on, view screenshot

I have already submitted the report to the support, I’ll be awaiting the solution.


The problem persist.


Can I have your previous ticket number?

Yes, my ticket number is: Ticket #739595


Your case will be follow up via ticket support.