Problem: Three AP One's disconnecting regularly from Balance 50 AP Control

Hi All ,

I am new. This is my first post.

I have a Balance 50 with three AP One’s managed on the AP controller.

It seems I have set up control successfully. I entered the serial numbers of the three AP’s into the Approved list for permitted AP’s. I performed no configuration to the AP’s straight out of the box, just plugged them into the ports of my PoE switch, the Balance 50 found them and hey presto it was working within minutes.

However the issue I am now having is that whenever I check the Controller Status Info all three of the AP’s show as offline much of the time. Sometimes it might show 1 or 2 online, rarely will I see all three as Online.

This then creates my issue I am having. I seem to be constantly being disconnected from the AP’s. Or my devices such as laptop, phone, wifi speaker etc will suddenly be disconnected from the internet. Sometimes my connection will last 5 minutes, sometimes 50 minutes, sometimes 21 minutes, sometimes 90 minutes. Anyway, point is it is very random when the disconnection happens.

I have tried fooling around with Wifi channels, power etc. That doesn’t seem to help. I only have one SSID set up for my network (trying to keep it simple).

The easiest way to know when I have disconnected is when my music on my Wifi speaker stops after 20 minutes. Wife says “Oh the internet has stopped working again”.

When the AP’s are showing as
“offline” I look at them and the red LED indicator is on. Then I look at a later time when they are online and they are green again.

I m sorry if I am not being very descriptive, but it seems the disconnecting and going offline is so totally random to me and I am really struggling to understand why.

Could any kind person out there give me some guidance or ideas on what knobs to turn? Any ideas on why I might be seeing such disconnection and offline activity? Sorry to anger the environmental types, but I’m not really interested in “saving power” on these devices by allowing them to go to sleep or save me money on my electricity bill. Is there a way I can force them to stay online and not go offline?



Please open a support ticket here for support team to check. Investigation need to perform from the APs in-order to confirm the issue.