Problem occurred to many time please help peplink support:(

We have installed peplink balance 20 on a small business branch but the problem is when we try obtaining DHCP ip address on the peplink it dont give a dhcp address and we cant connect to the internet but when we try putting an static IP on the computer through peplink we can browse and connect to the internet we have encountered this several times based on observation if the switch used is inconfigurable switch peplink’s dhcp cannnot pass through the switch to the end user but when we put static IP on the computer there is no problem ,My only concern what if we have a hundred’s of end user ? we have to manually input each and one by one static IP . lastly when we change the switch to a unifi configurable switch there is no problem on dhcp or static please help.

  1. May I know how many Vlans you have created (besides default Untagged Vlan) on Balance 20.

  2. If new Vlans were created, may I know which Vlan you can’t grab the IP?

  3. Please upgrade to the latest firmware version if your firmware is not up to date.

Thank you.

thanks TK i just upgrade the firmware to 6.3.3 and its working now thanks a lot