Problem Obtaining IP Address

I have a brand new MAX Transit Cat 18 modem and I cannot connect to the cellular carrier. It has a 4-5 bar signal on both 3G and LTE but it is stuck in obtaining IP address. It is an AT&T 100GB data only plan for Hot Spots and Routers. The store has programmed 2 SIM cards and neither one worked. They assigned the IMEI to the second one. Currently have a ticket with AT&T and was wondering if there are any solutions from PEPLINK

First thing to check: Ensure the APN as assigned by AT&T is exactly correct.

Thanks Rick. It was not. The tech at TechnoRV identified the problem and changed to broadband. The default that came up in auto was I questioned it while at the AT&T store put they justified by saying it must be using a T-Mobile tower to connect through.

Craig Faulkner

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