Problem connecting to my DSL internet service provider

Can remote assistance help me in this regard?

I live in the Philippines. My DSL ISP is PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company).

Would like to try dual WAN setup.

Currently I’m using Peplink Balance 20 to my cable ISP (Skycable broadband) from which I did not have any problems connecting using WAN 1. It just detected it right away.

PLDT myDSL unfortunately can’t be detected. The modem/router that they provided is the Huawei HG530 that is I think preset already for PLDT.

Thanks in advance.

PS: I’m just a home user and not so much knowledgeable about networking


Please open ticket here.

Please provide serial number and turn on Remote Assistance when you open the ticket.

PLDT uses 1483 MER for its protocol. You need to put your PLDT modem into Bridge only mode. Then the Peplink to DHCP, and it should pickup an address. You need not emulate the MAC address in the peplink, as PLDT control the circuit based on the config at their end.

On most PLDT modems, you need to get into Admin mode to make the change to bridge mode. Try logon name: adminpldt and password: 1234567890

I tried this and it worked! I was logging in before as admin only not adminpldt. I was able to go to bridge mode and my router (pelink Bal 20) was able to connect to PLDT myDSL.

One weird thing though, somehow it got disconnected and for several tries it can’t connect again. I was using the Huawei hg530 for this. So I tried using the zyxel modem and it was able to connect also then got disconnected but now its up and running. Maybe because Huawei is broken already or running hot?

Thanks again for the Help!!!