Private vs Public Traffic Routing and Separation

Hello Peplink,

I have a upcoming project that I would really like to use the PEPWAVE MAX BR1. I have current fleet customer that I want to provide internet and voice services at our Datacenter and private data services at their facilities each vehicle will have a combination of LTE and Mobile Satellite Links.

Each vehicle with have either 2 (LTE) modems or (1) LTE modem and mobile satellite terminal. I would like to figure out how to properly separate traffic from our services to our Data-center and their private network. I would like to know would it make sense to put a Fusion hub in my Data-center and a corresponding hub at the customer location to separate and terminate traffic properly.

What would be the best method to separate and deliver traffic.

@Barranett A FusionHub at both your datacenter and their private network is definitely necessary if you want to make full use of our Speedfusion capability.

As for how to separate traffic, you can have 2 Speedfusion profile running on the vehicle, 1 to your datacenter’s FusionHub for voice and internet, and 1 to their own private network’s FusionHub. You can then proceed to route specific traffic via Outbound Policy.

Btw, MAX BR1 only comes with 1 active WAN, for dual-cellular you’ll need one with support multiple cellular, like a MAX HD2.

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@Kv_Chen ,

The customer has One LTE and One Inmarsat mobile satellite terminal that will plug into the WAN port. So essentially they want instant fail-over with LTE is not available. We still want two tunnels per device to traverse both links. One tunnel for Internet/Voip and the other for private data.

Can I understand what you meant here? 2 tunnels connected each to a separate WAN link, or you meant 2 different destination link?

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I mean two tunnels going to different destination but still utilizing both LTE and WAN link.

@Barranett As of v7 what you’re looking for should be now possible. You should be able to have both LTE and Satellite WAN running concurrently with v7, and from there, create 2 tunnels that uses each of the link.

Below is extract from version 7rc release note.

[Load Balancing and WAN Smoothing]​ Additional, selected
MAX single cellular models now support load balancing and WAN

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if I have two different subnets/vlans on the Max BR1 and want them to use to different profiles going to different Balance Peplinks can I also advertise those subnets externally via OSPF to a edge firewall.