Private VPN support


Now that the U.S. has abolished Internet privacy, is it possible you could revisit support for private VPNs such as Private Internet Access?

Alternatively, or at least as an interim measure, could you publish detailed instructions (for dummies) on how to use a private-vpn-enabled router in series with the Balance. I’m guessing the VPN router would establish the WAN and VPN connections, followed by the Balance and the local network.


but the isp is still keeping track, correct?

are you looking for something like a TOR S2S?


With a private vpn, your isp knows only that you’ve connected to that vpn. Only the operator of the VPN could track your actual activity. If the VPN doesn’t keep logs…and many don’t…your privacy is intact.


The recent legislature just created a HUGE market for services supporting home network owners who need help securing their privacy. Minimum requirement: VPN and some sort of DNS service, presumably on an annual basis. Where would I sign up?


ill buy a ticket on that train.


There are already a number of vpn servers out there you can subscribe to. Just Google VPN Servers. And there are routers that enable connections from the router to the VPN, so you can easily provide a secure, private connection across your network. Unfortunately, Balance right now isn’t one of them. I love my Balance, of course, but I also want private browsing. Balance already does this with private site-to-site vpn connections. Just need to expand this to public-acess vpns.


If you are dealing with a single WAN connection, then plugging a VPN client router directly into the main router should work just fine without any special configuration. This lets you use the normal WAN connection for public stuff and the VPN client router for private stuff.

In the consumer space Asus routers can function as VPN clients, but I don’t recall the types of VPNs they support. There are at least 4 companies that sell routers pre-configured to work with a VPN provider. And, many VPN providers sell routers that work with their service.

If your Balance router has multiple WAN connections, then advice from Peplink is indeed needed. One guess is that you can force the VPN router to always use one specific WAN connection.


I just had this question as well. I use AirVPN and confirmed with their team there that my Surfo SOHO was indeed behind a VPN, I didn’t have to configure anything in the router.
AirVPN also has a “network lock” feature which throttles all network connection outside of the traffic running through the OpenVPN tunnel. It’s uses TAP-Windows adapter.
The VPN is very very active against surveillance, consumer data tracking, and illegal government activity, and is run by self-proclaimed “hacktivists.” They audit their international servers strictly, and their support is fast. I’ve tried PIA and Nord, AirVPN is by far the most legit imho.