Privacy questions about AP

We’re very impressed with your AP. We do have a few privacy related questions before purchase.

  1. Do you have a privacy policy covering the AP or various other products? The general privacy policy seems to only cover the website “This statement discloses the information practices for our website.”
    What information is collected on AP automatically? Can you document it formally in a privacy policy so it cannot be silently changed like Ubiquiti?
    Ubiquiti’s practice is definitely a deal breaker
    You spoke, we didn't listen: Ubiquiti says UniFi routers will beam performance data back to mothership automatically • The Register

  2. On www.peplink[.]com/products/enterprise-access-point/pepwave-ap-one/ , it stated that AP can be controlled either by inControl2 or AP controller. We plan to use AP with a different router.
    Can we set up and control AP locally one by one? If so, does it include all the functionality in AP Controller “Pro” including VLAN tagging etc not just AP Controller “Standard” ? Specifically, we want to be able to assign VLAN to the ethernet ports on the AP

Can we set up AP in batch with an AP controller only for enrollment but then use AP without the controller but with a third party router?

  1. Is there MAC spoofing on AP? Of course security through obscurity is not truly resistant but I’d rather not have anyone walking pass figuring out it’s a peplink AP and try to find an exploit for that.

Hey home user here,

I never had any problems at customs. 802.11w should be in the next patch. Not too sure about all the other stuff though.

Have a great day!