Priority of VPN tunnels


I have a setup where i have a branch connected to head office through a peplink speed fusion vpn. Everything works fine. Client wants to have URL filtering at the branch, so he will be using a cloud service with CheckPoint cloudguard. This is set up by establishing a VPN tunnel between the peplink at branch and checkpoint cloudguard and traffic to internet is routed through this vpn tunnel. Now my questions is this. Since the encryption domain of this tunnel is since i want to route all internet traffic to cloud, the networks behind the peplink fusion vpn will not be reachable. is there a way how to make the priority of the fusion vpn more than that of the ipsec vpn?


Yes. Simply enable PepVPN Traffic Optimization under: Network> QOS> Application> PepVPN Traffic Optimization and apply changes.


Hi Ron,

Thanks for your reply.

Did not work. Still traffic is passing through the IPSEC VPN to Cloud rather than passing the necessary traffic to branch :confused:


Please check this post.


Thanks. there isnt a way how to change this priority?

@djellul, this should be a feature request and we have filed it. Please avoid using as a remote network in the IPSec VPN profile for the time being.

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Hi Guys!

Any workaround to achieve this? We have a similar case where we need that networks routed through PepVPN have more priority than the IPSec so we can send the “rest” of the traffic to the ipsec tunnel.