Priority change --> cellular disconnected

I’ve got a Max BR1. I’ve got good cell signal level but I keep getting bumped off WAN.

I checked the log and it appears that the device is trying to connect to a disabled WAN connection then moving back to sim card 1

|Feb 09 01:45:19|WAN: Cellular connected to AT&T ( in SIM slot A||—|—|
|Feb 09 01:44:35|WAN: Priority changed (Priority 1 - Cellular / Disabled - WAN, Wi-Fi WAN)|
|Feb 09 01:44:08|WAN: Cellular disconnected|
|Feb 09 01:44:07|WAN: Priority changed (Disabled - WAN, Wi-Fi WAN)|

I’ve only got one sim installed. Is there somewhere I can tell the router not to try to switch?