printer on WAN side

My pep LAN is on 192.168.50.x. I frequently connect pep via a wifi that is on 192.168.10.x. I would like to be able to use a printer on the 10.x side. Seems like I should be able to route to it with /16 mask on my LAN, but that’s not working. What technique would let me connect a printer on 50.x ip from the 10.x side?

Try re-wording the question as its hard to follow. What “pep” for example. Are you using WiFi as WAN?

Use an outbound policy to enforce to it , should work fine. (printer) enforced Wifi as wan.

I’ve had no issues. Don’t even have any special rules.

Wow. That was easy. I got lost in all the threads about using VLANs for this.