Printer Issue after Changing Routers

A Very good day,
On one of my vessels we haven changed the Balnce 30 LTE to Balance 20x.
Strange thing is, after the change of the routers.
our network printers (Hp 5740) whent offline

I have removed them and installed them back on the computers(Windows 10)
Only i am keep getting Errors when i want to print

is the new Balance 20x blocking something?

Hi. Are the computers and printers on different VLANs?
Do you only see the issue if the computers are connected over wifi?

Sounds like a upnp / internal firewall config issue perhaps…

To be clear, Windows can see the printers, install drivers for the printers but then will not print?

To backup, have you updated Windows since switching routers? I ask because there are constant problems with Windows and network printing. Constant. I think each of the last 3 patch Tuesdays created problems for network printing. But, I am not up on the details. If possible, try Windows 7 or 8 or a very old copy of Windows 10 - just to confirm the router is not the problem.

I have found a workaround to solve this issue for now

i have installed the printers and change the port settings to ip
after that the printer works for now

thank you for the assist

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