PrimeCare transferrable?

I see that the EULA states that the license for Peplink software is not transferrable but what about a PrimeCare subscription? If I purchase a [used] router that still has some subscription left on it, will I be able to transfer it to my Peplink account?

The PrimeCare subscription follows the device SN and not a Peplink account so you would wind up with whatever is remaining and would need to renew when it expires.

The bigger problems with buying any used gear is the unknown status of the device and InControl management. What if the seller was a DIY-type and was in there trying to solder in additional RAM or an SSD or something?

What if he doesn’t remove it from his InControl acct before selling it to you? You would never be able to add it to yours and essentially he could log in to your router and network at any time unless you disable InControl on the device itself. But what if you have to factory reset it for some reason down the road and forget to disable it again?

Not worth it IMO to save a few bucks on a device that only costs $399 brand new. Just my 2 cents…

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You’re a Peplink reseller, huh?

btw, I’m thinking about selling one of my devices and want to know what I can tell a potential new owner…

This is of interest to me as well, as I’m not currently using my 20x (it’s powered down).

I did however just renew the primecare on it given it was about to expire as I figured given the cost of primecare the saving by letting it lapse wouldn’t be worth the hassle of trying to re-add it again later.

When I bought the 20x I sized it for the 2x VDSL’s I had at the time and used to use speedfusion bonding with them.

I since got starlink and usually use that directly, although I have been using speedify for some gaming traffic (nowhere near as good as speedfusion, but easier to just turn on on-demand)