PrimeCare expiring - What do I lose

Hi All,

Sorry in advanced if this has been asked before, but kind of on a time crunch here.

Our company current has nearly 40 UBR LTE devices deployed in the field and the people that usually manage them have just left the company.
Anyway we have just realized PrimeCare on several devices expire in less than a week, and multiple next month and the month after.

In short what do we lose when PrimeCare expires…?
I understand we can manage settings “on the device”, but they are all deployed remotely.

So can I still use the “Remote Web Admin”, to get “on the device”?
Can I change any settings at all via InControl2?
Can we still monitor the online status, signal strength etc etc from InControl2?
Or worst case, do these routers drop out of InControl2 completely, so I can’t see them?

Assuming you have “primecare” models (lower initial price) you’d lose incontrol2, speedfusion, and warranty support.

Non-primecare routers can get those features Ala carte.

I’d figure I’d lose control of those routers. Would I still be able to see them (as far as online status etc?)

Can I add PrimeCare if I renew it after the expiration date?

I have to go through the usual company red tape to get things approved and purchased, so I may miss renewing before some of these expire.

A direct connection remote web admin would still work.

There’s a 14 day grace period after the warranty expires to get them renewed easily, after that you have to send in a recent diagnostic report to be checked over before you can renew to make sure you aren’t just renewing licenses as units die. The period for the latter option is longer, either 6 or 12 months so there shouldn’t be long term consequences.

You might also loose access to additional pepvpns, “free” pepvpn connections to a fusionhub or connections managed from incontrol2 may stop working.
It’s important to know how things are configured to know what might stop working when primecare expires.
We are a peplink partner and can help with the renewals and a further discovery of what may stop working if it expires.
Feel free to give us a call or send us a PM , and we will help however we can.
469-320-1111 or [email protected]