PrimeCare expired - pepVPN is still connected but can't log into the unit remotely

I have a balance 20x that I intended to renew primecare on a couple months ago but had trouble reaching the webstore so it went on hold. Now I realize that it actually expired just over 1 month ago (missed the one month cuttoff by a day) and I can’t buy the primecare renewal from the estore with the serial number. Instead there is a message about sending a diagnostic.

Now, this unit is at a remote location and I normally connect to it and other devices at that location over a pepVPN tunnel. But, I’m now finding that I can reach it despite my local b20x showing that tunnel as connected.

Any solutions for running the diagnostic that is requested without physically going there?

@warren1 PM me your s/n and I’ll try to help you with the renewal.