Preserve manual carrier selection across reboots

The setting in the screenshot below gets reset after every reboot. Is there a way to save it? If not, can this be filed as a feature enhancement request?

The setting wouldn’t get reset after I reboot with my MAX Transit with 8.1.0 firmware. Can you share your model and firmware version? Please try latest firmware version if it is not the latest firmware.

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Sorry, I misspoke. The setting itself appears to survive reboots.

However, changing to a different carrier brings the “scan” dialog: i.e. the list of previously scanned carriers is lost. The issue with re-scanning is that it often takes much longer than the 1-2 minutes that the dialog box says it would. This makes for a very slow change of carriers after rebooting.

I am running the latest firmware: 8.1.0 build 4943


How long it will take for your device do complete the scanning ? Also why you need to keep scanning the available carrier ?

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  1. Scanning often takes 5 minutes or longer. Sometimes it seems to be just freeze altogether and does not complete. Thus I want to minimize the # of times it’s invoked.

Note: perhaps the slow scan performance can be investigated separately (file a ticket?) if this sounds abnormal.

  1. I need to keep scanning after reboot to switch to a different carrier. My SIM card gives access to 3 carriers and I need to be able to flip between them depending on the circumstances. The only other way for me to do is via manually entering and changing PLMNs.

What sort of circumstances? What MAX device are you using?

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The device is a single LTE-A MAX Transit.

It’s deployed in a mobile RV installation, so the reasons for needing to flip between carriers frequently include:

  1. Signal strength to tower
  2. Performance of tower itself: UL/DL/latency, etc.
  3. Throttling by carriers and various other carrier-level intentional and unintentional aspects that impact traffic

@Vitaly, Please find the screenshots below. The list of the carriers are same before and after I reboot my MAX Transit.

Before reboot

After reboot

I also tested it takes less than 2 minutes to do the carrier scanning. Below is the log.

I would suggest open ticket for us to take a look. I believe it is related to the cellular connection.

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Use the new PLM fonctionnality, that would gp faster

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Regarding manual carrier selection surviving the reboot. I am getting different behaviour here.

Before reboot

After reboot

I’ve opened ticket 20100370 to look into this.

Regarding slow scan speeds. This is location-dependent. It seems to be most prevalent in locations with poor connectivity (fewer to no carriers? poor signal from existing carriers?). Those are also the locations where I need to use this feature the most.

Do you suggest I open another ticket for slow scan performance, or is there anything else I can try? Right now it’s scanning within the 2 minute limit, but I am in a large city with strong connectivity.


I am using the PLMN functionality now to flip across 3 carriers. However, it’s not quite the same and does not fully work around the issues in this thread.

For example, PLMN switching does not let one switch to a different PLMN without erasing existing ones. So you need to keep a full table of all PLMNs somewhere else, “on the side”.

Another issue is to remember which PLMN is for which carrier. I don’t think one can add comments to the list of PLMN numbers (at least I have not found any documentations around this). My list is comma-separated, which got translated by the UI into multiple lines.

There are some other differences. I just want to be able to select the network and switch to it, with minimal hassle :slight_smile:

@Vitaly, your device is roaming now. Hence, the situation will be different. We will follow up with you in the ticket.