Present bandwidth data, already being collected, in a new graphical form

Bandwidth data is already collected both by hour and by day, so I am asking for both an hourly and a daily bar graph.

These new graphs would differ from the current ones in that the current graphs show only a single data point for each hour/day. The new graphs should be a bar graph (below) of the top few (3? 4? 5?) bandwidth using clients for each hour/day. Each report needs a download version and an upload version.

The point is to make it easier to see a pattern, such as client X sending out lots of data in the middle of the night. Outbound bandwidth usage can indicate data ex-filtration prior to ransomware encryption. Or, if off-site backups take place at a certain, time it could show that the backups ran and consumed the normal amount of bandwidth.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, this is the type of graph I have in mind.
Rather than Years on the horizontal axis, it would be individual hours/days.
The vertical axis would be MB/GB/TB of bandwidth.

For the hourly report, 24 hours would surely be too wide, perhaps show that last day either in 8 or 12 hour chunks.