Prepurchase questions


I’m new here, and sorry if these questions have been answered previously. That said, I searched and couldn’t find anything specific.

I’m looking to purchase the Peplink 20 or 30. Although I would like to use the load balance feature, my bigger concern is to make sure that if one of my two connections goes down that I still have internet service. The device I currently use offers load balancing, but if one goes down, I can’t navigate the internet.

The second item is being able to select which of the two connections is used to upload data and use for Skype. I have a DSL and Cable connection. While the latter is great for uploading regular data, it isn’t stable enough for Skype. For some reason it drops more calls, and there are more complaints of background noise. As a result I would like to send Filezilla (for example) through one connection, and Skype through the other. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help out.


Hi Victor,

Thank you for your inquiry and interest in our product. The Peplink Balance line does indeed allow for line failover with a seamless transition to the end user (dependent on the application being used allows access from differing IPs mid-session of course). The Balance can tailor traffic a variety of ways via Outbound Policy to allow you continued access to the outside world.

For Skype, you can use the Balance’s application level QoS feature to prioritize the traffic above others to make sure that Skype has the best quality it can get from the session. You can also via Outbound Policy “tie” particular types of traffic to a particular WAN to tailor how your bandwidth is being used. To help explain Outbound Policy further, take a look at the following article from our Knowledgebase-

Article-“Understanding & Configuring Outbound Traffic Rules”

I do hope the information helps Victor, let us know of course if there are other questions or concerns to discuss at all.