Preparing to install a Balance 20 -- best approach?

I’m preparing for an install of a Balance 20 in our office where we have an existing DSL service and another Cable service on order. DSL router is currently doing DHCP duties in the 192.168.0.x. From reading some of the posts here, I need to get the DSL modem into bridge mode and connect it to B20 Wan1 and the incoming Cable modem into Wan2.

I understand the B20 IP is set to 192.168.1.x, do I need to change that to make it work for my setup?

If DSL and Cable mode are serving DHCP, Balance 20 just plug and play. Just ensure LAN, WAN1 and WAN2 are not using same IP subnet. For example:-

  • LAN - 192.168.1.x
  • WAN1 - 192.168.0.x
  • WAN2 - 192.168.2.x

Thanks for the reply. Is there an option for me to keep just one subnet? Maybe have the B20 do the DHCP functions? I have a couple of network printers on 192.168.0.x that I would like to make available to everyone.

Sure, just put your WAN modems in bridge mode and the Balance 20 can handle the DHCP and routing no problem. Thanks.

I have successfully put the Balance 20 online using the backup connection on WAN2. I’m trying to get comfortable with the interface before I put it in production. Is there anything else that I need to do as a last minute check before I take the dive? :slight_smile:

Edit: One question I forgot earlier is how do I configure the Balance 20 to give priority to traffic to and from a certain domain, this is a cloud-based application that we use, and give streaming services the least priority.


Mind to share the IP subnet of LAN, WAN1 and WAN2? This allows me to comment further.

This is possible. Please ensure you know the protocol of your cloud-based application. You may configure this at Network > Application > Application.

I changed the LAN IP to 192.168.0.x, WAN1 will be bridged mode and WAN2 is already in bridge mode and online.

Our application is web based so I’m sure it’s only using SSL 443. Aside from giving this application priority, possible to filter access to it by MAC address? I know, too many questions… just excited about the possibility.

This will be fine.

HTTPS is a bit tricky since many application are using this protocol, for example Skype. Since you have 2 WANs, I suggest using Priority algorithm (Outbound Policy) to route your cloud-based application to WAN1 then follow by WAN2. The rest of the traffics also using Priority algorithm to route to WAN2 then follow by WAN1. You may use the Content Blocking (Network > Content Blocking) to block the unnecessary traffics.

Filter source MAC address is possible. You may create outbound firewall rule (Network > Access Rules > Outbound Firewall Rules) to block the source MAC address.

Hi, back again for another newbie question. I would like to access the DSL Modem GUI and I understand that I need to set up the access IP in the PPPOE settings. What I’m a little confused about is how do I found out the LAN IP of my DSL Modem? Is this the same IP I used to access it before I set it to Bridge mode?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You would need to find out what the default web admin IP address is for your DSL modem. A lot of them use but yours could be different.

Thanks, got it figured out. :slight_smile:

I am curious why our Asus RT-AC66U AP connected to the network is not showing up in the client list? If I log in to the AP and do some adjustment to the settings then it shows up. I have other brand APs that are on the list though.

A LAN device may not show up in the client list if it has not tried to access the internet.