Pre sales questions


I have had to reduce my budget on what devices i can use to bond/failover… and i got the following questions:
1)How durable and reliable are BPL-710? the reason i ask this is because i wouldnt be able to afford 2 of these to have them in HA… and if one can last me atleast 1year or 2 before i have to replace or get the second unit it would help out alot.

2)How hard would it be to upgrade from one model like the BPL-710 to the BPL-1350 ? Would i be able to copy over the configurations from one unit to the other ?

3)I am a little confused on the specs of the BPL-710 … on your site has 800Mbps and on amazon its listed as 350Mbps … is that a misprint on Amazon site?


Hi Andre,

The Balance 710 is extremely durable and reliable and will definitely last more than 2 years. Our support team can easily convert a configuration file when you decide to upgrade. That Amazon ad is outdated, the correct spec is up to 800 Mbps. Also, you should make sure to purchase from a certified partner.

Thanks TIM… The only reason i looking at the 710 and not a smaller units is because of the thoroughput … i wish the 580 had a high thoroughput