Pre-sales Question

We currently have a 500Mbps connection with 29 static IPs connected to our Cisco firewall and want to add a 2nd ISP for fault tolerance and use it for load balancing and as such we’re looking at either the 710 or 1350.

It doesn’t appear that we can use drop-in mode as the 2nd ISP connection would be limited to a single IP address. So how do I have 2 ISP with multiple IPs connect to my current firewall?

@dbarter, you can use drop-in mode on your main connection and then configure the new connection with a static IP and also define any additional IP’s associated with it. Thanks.

So for example in drop-in mode my IP router is, my firewall is and the PepBalance would be on the primary connection and the remaining 26 addresses would be routed through to the firewall, where they’re NATed to get to the DMZ.

On the additional connection the ISP router is, PepBalance would be and the additional IPs would be NATed to the 172.16.0.x range to be delivered to the Firewall? So any connection via the secondary ISP would be double NATed to get to the DMZ.

You are correct, only one WAN connection can be used as the drop-in connection and the other connections would all be NAT’d. Thanks.