Pre sales question on inbound and outbound load balancing

hi all,

I have made my mind on getting a 710 … looking at getting 3 connections from 1 isp (i will be getting 2 ip address per connection)for now… the other isp hasnt finished laying their new fibre cable in my area.

My question is since i will be offering an offsite backup … and i will be using SSL …

  1. an incoming request comes in, but the out stream from link 1 is maxed out… would the peplink box use link 2 for the upstream of that new request ?

2)Would it be possible to set one of the links up and down stream for server updates ?? for example all request coming from the network that needs to or to one one linux repository to be assigned to use link 3 ?

3)Is the throughput “1Gbs” up and down or just down ?


Here are the answers to your questions:

  1. For inbound load balancing using the authoritative DNS feature, you can prioritize one WAN link over another so that only the favored WAN IP address is provided unless there is a failure. New requests will use the same link unless it goes down. Alternatively you can load balance the connections by giving them the same priority.

  2. You can configure an outbound policy rule for the destination to use WAN3.

  3. The WAN to LAN throughput rating is for all simultaneous uploads and downloads and for all WAN links.