Pre build profile in IC2 that contains location


This is a request raised by our customer/SI that has been using and happy with IC2 so far. He will be deploying few units in a big sports centre by batch of 20 units.

To help him prepare, he is wondering if IC2 can provide pre building of a profile that will contain mainly the pre defined locations of where the units will be installed.
And then once the device is added, all he has to do is modify the serial number to match the added device.

Right now you can only add map/location information once a device is added.

InControl 2 Initial Setup Guide

We’d like to add our voice to this feature, would have been really useful for a project we are currently completing.
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do we have updates on this team?


Hello Peplink Engineering,
We would like to add into this feature request the abilities to:

  • Pre-Program SSID & Wireless Groups
  • Pre-Program VPNs (i.e. PepVPN & SpeedFusion)
  • Preset VLANs
  • Preset Captive Portholes
  • Pre Load a Configuration file (like a template) to be uploaded (to cover everything that can not be done from InControl2)
    Appreciate your assistance,
    Marcus :slight_smile:



The requested features are available in Incontrol2 now.

May i know what do you mean for Pre-Program/Pre-set/Pre Load ? Possible to let u know your concerns ?

Thank you


Hello Sit,
When we create a new Organisation or Group, the aforementioned options are not visible.

I just logged into one of our new organisations groups to double check, this is what we see:

If I go to an organisation that is already populated with equipment, these are what we see

What I’m requesting for is access to these options without having to have the equipment already within InControl2

I gather that maybe when you say “requested features are available in Incontrol2 now.” it is only to some test customers at the moment.

Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile:




Seem you are working with test customer now, do you able to arrange test devices with Peplink local distributor/partner ? Adding the test device into the group settings should allow you have all the available settings for the device in the IC2.

Originally InControl2 will detect the device model and only show the available settings base on the device model. Any reasons why you need to have the those settings seem you don’t have the device in hand to test ?


Hello Sit,
The issue is we have only enough equipment on hand for one site to pre-build, yet there are already another 10 sites with a possibly of another 60 sites that we need to pre-build before the equipment arrives, we want to get all of the SSIDs pre-built (customer requires two unique SSID for each group and one common for entire organisation) and and Captive Portholes (each group will have a unique site specific captive porthole). This will all be in one organisation with possibly over 70 groups representing one for each site, each group will initially have a balance router and up to 3 PepWave WAPs, each site will also have the ability to login to its group and see there group reports.

This is why we want to pre-build, once we begin the roll out, it has to be very much, plug it in and turn it on, walk away and let the system do its job. Most of our sites will not have a trained Peplink technician or a networking person there for commissioning, it will be a local cabing/electrician installing the equipment and the sites manager turning on the equipment.

Hope this helps explain the reason we are seeking the ability to pre-build without the need for a devices serial number.

Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile: