PPTP to Specified VLAN Network


Cable ISP /29 –> Balance 20 (VLAN 10 Traffic on LAN) –> Cisco SG200-26P (Tagged VLAN 10 for VoIP Phone Traffic to go through Balance 20) –> IP Phones –> PC’s
–> SonicWall TZ 210 (Default VLAN Traffic on LAN) (Default Traffic should go through Sonicwall)

*Polycom VVX Phones are tagged VLAN 10 from phone to switch, receiving DHCP from Balance 20
*Computers are daisy chained through phones and should be having all computer traffic revert to SonicWall
*LAN on Balance 20 connects to Port 25 on Cisco switch which is tagged for VLAN 10
*LAN on SonicWall is connecting to port 26 on Cisco Switch and should accept ALL untagged traffic


  1. We set up PPTP for all of our customers for diagnosing purposes and to access phones on LAN but since the customer IT has to have his SonicWall in place and not utilize the Balance 20 for all traffic we have to go with the above configuration. When I create a second subnet in the Balance 20 (VLAN 10) and turn off the Balance 20 native (default) subnet, I can no longer gain access for the PPTP because my computer is not tagged for VLAN 10. Is there some type of work around or is this a feature request.

  2. I don’t want to have to turn on the default subnet on the balance 20 every time I want PPTP access and potentially screw up the computer network and confuse it on which untagged traffic it should revert to. Do you see what I am saying? Please help. Thanks guys.

Moved to Feature Request for better exposure as currently the only way a PPTP client will receive a IP is from the Native DHCP range of the Balance.