PPTP server

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We just got a new Peplink 310 and would like to run PPTP server on it. This was completed as per know-how’s and am able to connect to PPTP server.
Of course, the reason of running PPTP server is to have remote access to internal resources. This is where i’m having troubles.
After PPTP connection is made, i can NOT connect to any internal servers/workstations. It appears that traffic is not allowed to internal LAN. Can someone please tell me what changes i have to make to allow this?

Thanks in advance!


It sounds like you are using the Balance firewall feature and denying inbound traffic. If that is the case, please configure an inbound firewall rule to allow the PPTP clients access to the network. Here is how to do this:

Protocol: Any
Source: Internal network (Since you are already authenticated onto the LAN).
Destination: Any (Allows the PPTP clients to browse the internet).
Destination: Local network (Restricts the PPTP clients to the local network and does not allow internet browsing through the Balance WAN connections.

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The Peplink Team

that fixed my issue, thank you!

I have a Peplink Balance 20 and am having the same issue except we are connecting from the outside world.

I can connect successfully and ping and log into the Peplink via its internal address but cannot access anything else on the network.

Any help would be appreciated.

Did you create the Allow rule for internal traffic to get to the local resources?

The advice given above should help you